Summer in Greece
Nafplio, Nafplion, Anapli, Napli

Nafplio is a cosmopolitan town in the Peloponnese, gathering visitors from all over the globe!

Once the first capital city of Greece, Nafplio is a place soaked in history with monuments and interesting sites at every corner. Take a stroll throught the old town and get a feel for the towns past and its historic significance or follow the different architectural styles seemlessly blending and showcasing the influence of many of it occupants like the Ottoman Turks, the Franks and the Venetians.

Nafplio Old Town
Old Town Streets

Walk in the wonderful narrow streets of Old Town Nafplio and get lost in another era! Take a look around and see multiple architectural styles blending in with each other and creating a unique atmosphere. See all the historic monuments hidden in the Old Town and visit buildings of historical importance like the First Greek Parliament, or the churches throughout the narrow streets.

Get to know the town of Nafplio from a different perspective or choose one of the wonderful cafés, bars or tavernas to spend your evening!

Nafplio Old City
Syntagma Square & Monuments

The town is ideal for exploring, the centre is small and most Old Town monuments or sites to visit in Nafplio are within walking distance! See the first Syntagma Square and see the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio or the Old Mosque that has been transformed into the town theatre!

Also visit the Filellinon Square located right in front of the harbour, with a monument dedicated to Greek allies that fought and died to help Greece during the Greek Revolution.

Fortification of Nafplio
The Castles in Nafplio
Nafplio Beaches
Karathona Beach

Karathona is a popular beach in the area and one favoured by many visitors. The beach close to Nafplio is organised, with café-bars offering sunbeds, coffees & beverages so you can enjoy the sun and the sea. Karathona beach in Nafplio is ideal for people of all ages, being a wide, sandy beach you can choose to enjoy the atmosphere and relax on the sand in a more quiet area or go to the café-bars!

Nafplio Beaches
Arvanitia Beach

Arvanitia beach in Nafplio is very popular amongst the locals but also attracts many visitors due to how close it is to the centre of Nafplio. Visit Arvanitia and swim in beautiful dark blue waters while marvelling at the two castles ,Palamidi and Acronafplio towering over. The beach has a café-bar there to cater to your needs, offering drinks, refreshments & coffees or find your own place on the pebble beach.